For what’s to come


“I’m afraid if I don’t choose a path soon, life will choose one for me.”

How much does the above quote resonate with you? This young woman’s photo was taken by HONY a few days ago and, like so much of his work does, it blew up on Facebook and Instagram. Though sometimes I like to think I do, the reality is that I don’t have it figured out. Looking for some inspiration in the comments below, I scrolled through and here are some that I thought were interesting:

“I have this same fear…everyone does. Don’t be afraid. Every single person alive is just winging it, we are all clueless.”

“Even if life chooses one for you, you have the power to decide if you want to stray from it. It took me 34 years to finally follow my passion – and it took me carving out a new path. Don’t be afraid.”

“This is the “quarter life crisis” summed up into one sentence…”

Quarter life crisis is right. Cheers to my friends who’ve completed their undergrad and are looking towards either pursing a post-graduate degree or going into the big-kid world.  As for me and my cohort, we’re eagerly anticipating to hear the results of our placement. We’ll be divided among 5 different countries: Nepal, Vietnam, Botswana, Malawi, and a South American country for Natacha. Where will we go? What will we learn? Where will this experience take us? What will we gain from it? Who knows but here’s my response for what’s to come: Come what may, I’m ready.